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Are you unable to visit your healthcare provider’s office due to scheduling conflicts or stay-in-place orders? Do you need health services right away? Do you need a prescription refill? Would you like to consult about healthy living and how to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle? Dr. Katina Health and Wellness, Inc is here for you! It’s never been so easy for you to schedule an appointment time and have a healthcare provider’s visit online.

Dr. Katina Health and Wellness, Inc provides a HIPAA compliant and easy-to-use Telehealth audio and video capability that patients can access with just one click. Once an appointment is scheduled for a Telehealth encounter, a secure e-mail is sent to the patient which will allow us to meet you online.


Dr. Katina

** We do not prescribe controlled substances via telehealth | Ages 5 years old and up | Video capability required | Government-issued ID required | Patients younger than 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian | If this is an emergency call 911

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